Fully Licensed

Makers of Licenturion Product Keys and Licenturion Product Activation

WPA Resource Center


Windows XP Final (build 2600) and SP1 Utilities

XPInfo executable, release 2003-07-31 (zipped, 22.4 kb)


Technical Information on WPA

The Fully Licensed WPA paper (ASCII, 24.4 kb)

The Fully Licensed WPA paper FAQs (ASCII, 7.8 kb)

English press release (ASCII, 4.9 kb) - German press release (ASCII, 4.4 kb)

Windows XP Release Candidate 1 (build 2505) Utilities

XPDec executable (zipped, 25.2 kb) - XPDec executable (self-extracting, 48.7 kb)

XPDec source code (zipped VC project, 49.4 kb)

(Only the executables contain the cryptographic key.)