"In a high-bandwidth world the future of the software industry depends on their ability to effectively enforce their copyright. We pursue the goal of becoming the software industry's trusted ally in their struggle against software piracy."


Matthias Kunze, co-founder and CFO of Licenturion


Facing the music industry's fate, the software industry is in desperate need for an effective solution for the problem of software piracy. As a research-driven company Licenturion has set out to back the software industry in their struggle for copyright protection. We are eager to equip the software industry with the most advanced copyright protection technology by combining known-to-be-good ad hoc approaches with the current state-of-the-art in academic research.


Our products and services enable software vendors to securely distribute software to their customers, irrespective of the distribution channel.


"Remarkable robustness against circumvention and full end-user acceptance are the foremost expectations that any effective approach to software copyright protection must meet today."


Thomas Lopatic, co-founder and CTO of Licenturion


As an independent third party Licenturion intends to bridge the gap between vendors and customers as an unbiased mediator. In addition to offering superior technology to thwart software pirates Licenturion complies with the end-users' urge for more intuitive and more flexible licensing models and their sensitivity towards privacy issues. We believe that complete openness about our technology by documenting its inner workings is an elementary precondition for earning an end-user's trust.


The Licenturion philosophy thus comprises


Copyright protection techniques that do not hamper fair use of software, provide effective enforcement of intellectual property rights, and preserve the customers' privacy
Complete openness about these techniques
Advanced licensing models


and it aims at creating a win-win situation for vendors and customers.